Our Mission

There is a growing awareness that the Jewish community has not paid enough attention to the mitzvah of being healthy.

We have the same health stats as the general public, including tragic levels of preventable conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our mission as the Jewish People is greatly handicapped because we are not meeting this challenge.

Yet we have 3,000 years of Torah wisdom on how to improve this situation! Until now, this wisdom and knowledge has been scattered across many books, most of which have never been translated.

In partnership with doctors and dietitians, Torah Health and Fitness includes current evidence-based medical information about nutrition, exercise, weight loss and other topics.
We hope that this combination of Torah wisdom and medical knowledge will increase awareness of how vital and easy it is to live more healthfully and to increase the mindfulness with which we treat our bodies, and thereby help people of all backgrounds live longer, healthier and holier lives.

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