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"Ninety-nine percent of illness is due to people neglecting their health."

Reader in Baltimore
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"Just wanted you to know that I got the book a few weeks ago and I am up to chapter 6 (my wife is slightly ahead on chapter 7!). I love all the Torah you wove in — we are committed to making serious dietary and lifestyle changes. Thank you!!!”
Avreich in Yerushalayim
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"Even though I might not yet be able to follow every piece of wisdom this book has to offer, I am more conscientious of my eating habits, and have seen quite an improvement to my general health."
Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D.
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"As one who has worked in health transformation for five decades, I’m deeply impressed by the detail and smooth integration of Torah and contemporary medicine the authors so beautifully brought together. A look at our food challenges, the Torah view on exercise, even helping our children develop healthier eating habits, are all described in positive and helpful ways. Let’s not leave out another pillar of health described so well, our sleep, which also has Torah commentary."
Batya Medad, Jewish Grandmother Blog
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"A very readable book [that] can really help people.... I recommend it as a very good start in improving one's and one's family's life and health."

In response to the worldwide epidemics of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other preventable conditions, a rabbi and a medical doctor teamed up to write Body & Soul: The Torah Path to Health, Fitness and a Holy Life

Jewish tradition has 3,000 years of wisdom on this subject but until now it has been scattered across many books, most of which have never been translated. In partnership with doctors and dietitians, Body & Soul includes current medical information (with references to medical literature) on what is known about nutrition, exercise, weight loss and longevity, as well as related topics such as environmental toxins.

Body & Soul is a provocative and motivational book which for the first time brings together hundreds of Jewish sources (translated into English) about health and well being, along with the most recent, reliable, evidence-based science of food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and much more to aid in leading a vibrant and balanced life.

Taking a comprehensive approach, Body & Soul highlights the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being using a practical blueprint – including proven strategies and attainable goals. By bridging the gap between traditional Jewish teachings and modern wellness pursuits, the book offers a nuanced perspective on the integration of spirituality and physicality, fostering a greater appreciation for both realms.

Body & Soul features practical information and tips, including:

●  Addressing special Jewish food challenges
●  Creating a balanced diet and conquering a sweet tooth
●  A Torah view of exercise
●  Helping children develop healthy habits
●  The importance of sleep
●  A Jewish view of intermittent fasting

About the Authors:
Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld, PhD, heads Jewish Spiritual Literacy, Inc. (, a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Jewish education. His previous books include The Art of Amazement and The Art of Kavana.

Dr. Daniel Grove, MD, is board certified in general internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonology and is affiliated with MedStar Health hospitals in the Baltimore-Washington region. He is the author of The Weight Loss Counter Revolution.

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